Don't Miss the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival!


When you think of Hawaii, what comes to mind? Surely it’s the beautiful, vast surf, the sprawling, sandy beaches and the delectable food you can’t quite find elsewhere. Did you know coffee is one of the culinary delights you can enjoy when you live on the Big Island? It’s true! Coffee is a major part of the culture in the Kona region of Hawaii, to the point there is a major festival dedicated to the miracle bean. The festival occurs once every year, and we encourage you to attend this year’s festival if you can!

What’s This Coffee Festival All About?

Coffee has existed as a major crop in Kona for almost two centuries. It is a valued part of the Kona economy, and the coffee beans produced in Kona aren’t like any other coffee beans you’ll find and taste anywhere else in the world. They’re as one of a kind as the Big Island itself. The Coffee Cultural Festival has become another tradition tied to this amazing bean and began in the year 1970. It has now existed for 46 years and counting and is deeply anticipated by those far and wide! The Kona Coffee Cultural Festival takes place in the fall. This year, it will run between November 4 and November 13.

Each iteration of the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival has its own unique theme. The 2016 theme has been named “Brewed from Tradition” and is meant to celebrate Kona’s special, close relationship with coffee and its production. This year’s festival is also special because it will be overseen by the new board president, Valerie Corcoran. Corcoran is a longtime volunteer and veteran of the festival’s organizational board. This new position is a promotion from her 2015 nomination as Operations Director of the festival. With this news and the festival’s brilliant history and reputation, we’re sure only great things will unfold from this festival onward!

It’s Worth the Experience!

If you’re in any way interested in investing in Big Island real estate, taking part in the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival is one of the greatest ways to get to know the island better! The festival will give you a taste of Kona culture, as well as insight into its history. What could be a better way to cultivate your first memories of your new home than with new, good friends and an equally good cup of coffee? If you end up enjoying yourself at the festival, you may then receive just the boost you need to move to the Big Island permanently!

It’s worth noting Kona Coffee Cultural Festival isn’t the only major attraction available on the Big Island! There’s much more to see and do. Why not come and explore? In the process, you can get a glimpse of homes for sale on the Big Island.

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Annette Mejia, Realtor Broker
Annette Mejia, Realtor Broker

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