Treat Your Holiday Guests to the Big Island's Best Local Food

Big Island real estate gives you access to some amazing food.

After you’ve purchased homes for sale on the Big Island and made this move, it’s no wonder everyone wants to come visit you. When you have visitors out to Hawaii to see you for the holidays or at any other time of the year, there are amazing local foods you’ll want to share. While the food isn’t the first thing people likely think of when considering their Big Island real estate, it can be a great way to show your guests around and give them a taste of your lifestyle.

A Tropical Climate with Exotic Crops

Due to the tropical climate and unique landscape of the Big Island, Hawaii is the perfect environment to grow a number of exotic crops you can share with family and friends. In fact, Hawaii is known for its Kona coffee, which is unique to the area and requires volcanic soil. However, there are more delectable treats the Big Island has to offer, including chocolate that is grown in the volcanic soil and processed right on the island. You may also wish to share delicious macadamia nuts and locally brewed beer. You can find these treats at any local bar or supermarket.

Life is about more than homes for sale on the Big Island.

Local Favorites

When you buy your first piece of real estate in Hawaii, you should talk to your real estate agent in the Big Island about the many local favorites. Once you find a few you enjoy, you will be able to make recommendations to your family and friends as they visit you.

  • Poke – Raw fish that has been marinated in onions, lemon and soy sauce
  • Spam Musubi – A sushi alternative made from crunchy Spam
  • Loco Moco – Steamed rice, a hamburger patty, fried egg and brown gravy
  • Kalua Pig – Pig roasted in an underground oven
  • Huli Huli Chicken – Grill roasted chicken that is turned as it roasts
  • Laulau – Fish and pork that is wrapped in taru and ti leaves and cooked in an underground oven

Bring out your favorites and share them with your guests over the holidays or at other times of the year.

A real estate agent on the Big Island can help you find great food.

Life in Hawaii is a bit different than other areas of the country. When it comes to buying homes for sale on the Big Island, you will find you are immersed in a lifestyle that includes a number of unique food items you won’t find anywhere else. Sharing this unique food can be a great way to show your friends and loved ones what life is like on the Big Island and ensure they go back home with plenty of great things to say about the cuisine found in Hawaii.

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