Living on the Big Island


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cliamte on Big Island, Hawaii

Reasons To Live on the Big Island of Hawaii

If you are like a lot of people, you are probably thinking of Hawaii primarily as a tropical getaway for...
Hapuna Beach

Complete Guide to Moving to Hawaii From The Mainland

Moving overseas, even to a place where you don’t need a passport, can be a huge undertaking. If you’re dreaming...
south kohala-live-on-the-big-island

Community Spotlight: South Kohala

The South Kohala region is located on the northwestern coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. This area sits at...
North-Kona-Manta Ray

The Best Places to Visit in North Kona

The word Kona means the driest area in the land. North Kona is a spectacular place to explore and enjoy...
Kona International Airport at Keahole is on the Island of Hawaii, in Kalaoa.

Thinking of Making Your Hawaii Vacation Home An Airbnb Hot Spot? 

From condos to luxury apartments and spacious beach houses, vacationers are booking Airbnb stays like mad. In Kona West, guests...

Technology Homebuyers Want in 2019

Whether you invest in homes to rent, flip houses, or want to purchase a house, smart upgrades are desirable for...

Buying a Vacation Home on the Big Island

When simply visiting Hawaii is no longer enough, many people decide to make it their second home.  Vacation properties can...
wine and sunsets

Top-Rated Kailua-Kona Area Restaurants

A common question among many Hawaiian vacationers when visiting the Big Island is, “where are the best places to eat?”...

Top Places to Visit in South Kona

Visitors looking for new places to explore in South Kona have plenty of options for outdoor recreation. Would you like...