How High Season and Low Season Will Impact Your Move To Kona

If you are in the market to buy a second home here in Kona, one you’ll rent out when you aren’t here, there are a few things to learn about the tourist season that may impact your decision making process.

Like many tourist areas, Hawaii has a high season and low season timeframe.

The peak tourism season usually starts around the middle of December – just in time for the holidays – and continues on through the middle of April, which covers spring break schedules for just about everyone on the mainland. The busiest time period is the last two weeks of December. Who wouldn’t want to escape the cold and snow, and enjoy daily average temperature of 78 degrees?

Because these few months are the busiest times in Hawaii, they are also going to be the most crowded and the most expensive. Because there is more competition to find a great place to stay, rates can zoom to their yearly highs. As a second home owner, that is good news.

Depending on the property you buy and the location you choose, you can make enough during high season to cover your investment for the year. And because Kona is one of the largest in-demand areas on the Big Island, finding the right property can be an easy thing to do. (With the right real estate agent of course!)

While high season in Hawaii is centered around the cold seasons on the Mainland, there is another high season from the middle of June through the end of August – summer vacations for millions of kids and their families. And even though the temperature fluctuation isn’t as drastic, many people like the tranquil days and nights and the beautiful atmosphere that surrounds the Hawaiian Islands all year through.

As a second home owner, if you can plan your own vacations during the low season – mid April through mid June, and September through December, you’ll enjoy less crowds, better deals on the things you like to do, and the same sunshine and climate that attracts millions of visitors throughout the rest of the year.

Ready to find your perfect second home in Kona? There are some great finds available right now. Give me a call and see how you can make the Big Island your part time home.

Annette Mejia, Realtor Broker
Annette Mejia, Realtor Broker

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