Where to live in Hawaii

First, Some Things to Know

So, you’ve decided to make the big move and become a full time, or part time big island resident. Perhaps the first thing you should consider doing is contacting professional Realtor® Annette Mejia here at Live On the Big Island . COM, let her help you find the right property to fit you and your specific needs. Contact Annette today at 808•217•8500 and let her do all the leg work involved in finding the right home for your active, modern lifestyle.

While you have her doing that for you, some things you may need to know about living in the big island are easy to learn:

  • Life is slower in the big It won’t take you long to realize (especially if you’re going to drive) that no one in the big island is in any particular hurry to get anywhere. You’ll also find that most people opt for a bicycle, moped, or public transportation over driving a car. Many also choose good old fashioned walking as well.
  • Attitude is Far Different. Attitude is a double edged sword here. If you have a bad attitude, you will quickly be rewarded with meeting the surliest bunch of people you’d ever want to know. But if your attitude is positive and upbeat, be prepared to meet the finest bunch of people you’ll ever have the pleasure of knowing. Your big island experience depends 100% on you, and your attitude.
  • You Will Need to Learn to Embrace the Rain. Rain is frequent in the big island, but it is probably not the cold, blustery type of rain storm you may be accustomed to on the mainland. The rain here is more like a warm, gentle shower that serves mostly just to refresh everything.
  • Paradise Doesn’t Come Cheap. Another thing you’ll find is everything seems to cost more here. The biggest reason for this is probably shipping and transportation costs. Remember, you are now living in a relatively remote location.

Where Exactly is Your New Dream Home?

Now that you’ve decided to make the move, and have Annette Mejia here at  Live On the Big Island . COM investigating various areas and properties for you, your next step is probably going to be investigating Annette’s findings and choosing an area that’s right for you.

Big Island offers epic and wild beauty you won’t find anywhere else in the world! Take a helicopter tour over volcanoes and waterfalls, relax on a pristine tropical beach, or indulge in an afternoon of shopping, all followed by choosing a dinner venue from an eclectic collection of eateries.

With so much to see and do in Hawaii, you will be certain to maintain your active modern lifestyle when you choose to buy one of the many homes for sale. Professional Realtor® Annette Mejia is here at Live On the Big Island . COM, let her help you find the right property to fit you and your specific needs. Contact Annette at Live On the Big Island . COM today at 808•217•8500 and let her do all the leg work.

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Annette Mejia, Realtor Broker
Annette Mejia, Realtor Broker

"Everything Annette did for me was from the heart"

As someone that has spent her whole life feeling lucky to work with people in customer service, I vowed then and there to help people like you and me have the experience they deserved when moving to The Big Island. Because let’s face it, this should be the start of the happiest, proudest, and most peaceful period in your life!

For 15 years I have been helping people make the most out of life and real estate on The Big Island and I would be honored to do that for you too. I look forward to meeting you!

Warmest Aloha,
Annette Mejia

Live On The Big Island