North Kona Real Estate is on the Rise!

North Kona is one of the Big Island’s best-loved destinations for new Hawai’i homeowners, and for good reason: with over 300 days of sunshine annually, a drier climate than much of the rest of the island, and gorgeous views of the cerulean ocean, North Kona sparkles with serenity, natural beauty, and a relaxed pace of life. The morning sun bathes golden sand beaches in light, and orange-streaked sunsets falling against a backdrop of the majestic Mauna Loa make its beauty otherworldly. Kailua Kona in North Kona is the heart of the west side of the Big Island, with charming shops and restaurants nestled among its beaches and coffee plantations.

But there’s more than just sunsets and beaches: North Kona real estate is also an excellent investment: year-to-date condominium sale prices and single-family residence sale prices are both on the rise!

The median price of a single-family residence in North Kona increased from $450,000 to $545,000 from October 2013 to October 2014, an increase of 21.11%, and a healthy 361 North Kona real estate closings occurred during that period.

During the same time frame, North Kona condominium sales increased from $230,000 in 2013 to $267,000 in 2014, a growth of 16.6%. 313 North Kona condos were sold in 2014, up from 308 in 2013—an increase of 1.62%.

What does this mean for you? Put simply, it’s good news. Potential buyers of North Kona real estate should revel in the market’s robustness, knowing that a house or condo purchased this year is likely to grow in value in the coming years. Now is the time to buy!

Browse North Kona homes for sale here. Thinking about buying a condo? Read about why condo living might be right for you—including the opportunity to rent your home for extra income.

If you need help navigating North Kona homes for sale, enlist the help of an experienced and passionate real estate agent to guide you to your perfect home—and say aloha to a thriving real estate market and a beautiful land.

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Annette Mejia, Realtor Broker
Annette Mejia, Realtor Broker

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