Real Estate Update: Is Now The Perfect Time To Buy On The Big Island?

Your home is one the biggest investment decisions you’ll ever make. Whether you’ve decided to move the family to Hawaii for new job opportunities, are ready to retire here on the Big Island permanently, or are simply looking for a vacation home you can use throughout the year, you’ve probably struggled with the decision of when to buy.

We all would love to sell at the very top, and buy at the lowest point possible. Yet that isn’t reality. Real estate prices are fluid; they swing up and down all the time. Sure, you can try and time it to the best of your ability. But more importantly than buying at the bottom is your ability to find exactly what you want. Do you really want to spend another long winter in your hometown because you are waiting for Hawaiian prices to be at their lowest? Look at all you would give up … a glorious “winter” spent enjoying cool tropical breezes and the Hawaiian sunsets!

Last year I shared with you how well property values were improving, especially in the ever-popular communities of Kohala and Kona. This year, those values continue to do well. While growth from 2013 to 2014 grew significantly, growth from 2014 to 2015 has slowed.

Whether I’m showing a home to a prospective buyer, or I’m simply driving around my neighborhood, I see the impact of these property values everywhere. Properties hold their value well. And whether people are ready to buy or ready to sell, they are doing so with a confidence level we haven’t seen in years.

When people come to me and are ready to find a property in Kohala or Kona, I know they’ve done their research first. You see, many people have found both Kohala and Kona to be the epitome of paradise, which may explain while housing prices seem to remain stable in these areas.

I live here too, and I can tell you what many others have found out as well … the western coast of the Big Island is nothing short of breathtaking. We have great beaches. We’re close to every amenity you can imagine. And if a change of weather or scenery is what you are looking for, a simple day drive is all you’ll need. No hoping onto a plane like you have to do from some of the other Hawaiian islands.

But don’t think it’s just single family housing that’s doing well; I see it in the condo market as well. Condos sold in both Kona and Kohala remained relatively evenly priced from the same period last year, giving pretty good indication that the real estate market is fairly stable here on the Big Island.

Now don’t kid yourself, there are still deals to be found. IF you know where to look and have an open mind. What are you looking for? How turnkey ready does your ideal property have to be?

The best way to start living your dream is to take the first step and do something about it. I welcome the opportunity to help you find the perfect place, right here on the Big Island.

Have any additional questions about purchasing a property in Kona or Kohala? I’d be happy to help you, just give me a call.

Annette Mejia, Realtor Broker
Annette Mejia, Realtor Broker

"Everything Annette did for me was from the heart"

As someone that has spent her whole life feeling lucky to work with people in customer service, I vowed then and there to help people like you and me have the experience they deserved when moving to The Big Island. Because let’s face it, this should be the start of the happiest, proudest, and most peaceful period in your life!

For 15 years I have been helping people make the most out of life and real estate on The Big Island and I would be honored to do that for you too. I look forward to meeting you!

Warmest Aloha,
Annette Mejia

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