The Ultimate Guide to Getting Around on the Big Island

When you live on the Big Island, you may need to consider buying a car.

While most people think Hawaii is small and though it is in comparison to many other states, when you live on the Big Island, you will find you need an effective method of getting around. As you consider Big Island real estate, you need to be thinking about how you will get from one place to another. Using a taxi is often too expensive for regular use, so there are other options you should take into consideration.

Buy Your Own Car

When you first start looking at homes for sale on the Big Island, you may think it’s best to sell your car and rely on public transportation to get around once you make the move. While this works for some people who are happy staying close to home, the Big Island is a large place that may require longer trips. Having your own car can be the ideal way to reach many places. Some locations are simply too far to spend the money on other travel options.

Use Public Transportation

If you would rather not spend the money on a car, along with all the costs of its operations, public transportation is still an option when you live on the Big Island. The cost of buses and other public transportation in the cities along the west side of the island are affordable. However, you are at the mercy of their schedule, which can often mean long wait times, especially at certain times of the day, particularly because the bus system is designed to serve working individuals who need to commute.

Consider the Shared Taxi Program

The shared taxi program, which is only available in Kona, is restricted to the city itself and no more than nine miles, which makes it impractical for some uses. However, if you are staying around the city, this option can often be more affordable than using a private taxi service. Coupons must be purchased ahead of time, making it essential to plan ahead for these trips.

Getting around the Big Island isn’t much different than living anywhere else in the United States. However, many people assume they don’t need their own car due to the size of the state. If you are looking at homes for sale on the Big Island, it’s important to consider having a car of your own to get around. However, if you prefer not to buy your own car, there are other options, such as public transportation or a shared taxi program, depending on where you are looking at Big Island real estate.

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Annette Mejia, Realtor Broker

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