Tips For Moving To Hawaii

When you first start telling people you’re moving to Hawaii, you tend to get those little looks that say, “really”?

Yes, it’s paradise.

Yes, temperatures always hover in the 80 degree range.

Yes, your most difficult decision in the mornings may be to decide what beach to walk on.

But all that comes into play after you arrive and settle into your new home. The process in between can be stressful at best. If you aren’t prepared for what lies ahead, it could make you doubt your reasons for coming to paradise in the first place. So the more you prepare for your move to Hawaii in the beginning, the more enjoyable (and less stressful) the overall process will be.

After helping many people transition from the Mainland to the Big Island, there are a few tips you should know right from the beginning.

Living in Hawaii is not the same as vacationing in Hawaii.

Many people make the decision to live here in Hawaii after experiencing one of the best vacations of their lives. They come to Hawaii for a week (or two, or three) and decide this would be the ultimate place to live.

While I agree, I love living on the Big Island, you’ll still experience the ins and outs of every day life once you’re here and settled. And once you’re here, you’ll be impacted by things you never thought about when you were on vacation, like:

  • How far Hawaii is from the mainland. Hawaii is a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. You can’t get in your car and drive to a relative’s house in the next state. Your old friends won’t be able to meet you for a weekend outing quite as easily. While you may have thought about it before, it does become a whole new reality once you are living here. Realize you will have some stress over your new location. Plan ahead of time for how often you’ll return to the Mainland to see relatives and friends. Don’t ignore the situation, because it can impact you in a big way if you aren’t prepared.
  • How the high cost of living will impact you. City living is expensive, and if you’re from LA or San Francisco, you may have had a certain exposure to high prices. Yet you still may be in for a shock the first time you head into the local grocery store and you see how much an average shopping trip now will cost. Things aren’t easily brought in from distribution centers; things take time. Which means you may have to live without your favorite toothpaste or brand of coffee creamer for awhile until it makes its way back to the shelves.
  • How completely different life will be. If you enjoyed the relaxing feeling you had while you vacationed here in Hawaii, be prepared for more of that feeling. Though vacationing on Hawaii isn’t the same as living here, Hawaii still has a calmer, more relaxed, less stressful approach to life. You won’t be in a rush to make it from one place to another. You’ll have less to do and more time on your hands. And that can take some getting used to, especially if you had the Type A lifestyle common in many big cities on the Mainland.

I love living on the Big Island, and I know you will too. I also know the more you are prepared for moving to Hawaii, the better you’ll adjust, and the more you’ll enjoy your time once you’re settled in. I welcome any questions you may have about the process, and offer help and guidance wherever I can offer it. Be sure to download my free 12 step guide to moving to Hawaii, or contact me through email or by phone, which ever you prefer.


I look forward to helping you plan your move to Hawaii soon!

Annette Mejia, Realtor Broker
Annette Mejia, Realtor Broker

"Everything Annette did for me was from the heart"

As someone that has spent her whole life feeling lucky to work with people in customer service, I vowed then and there to help people like you and me have the experience they deserved when moving to The Big Island. Because let’s face it, this should be the start of the happiest, proudest, and most peaceful period in your life!

For 15 years I have been helping people make the most out of life and real estate on The Big Island and I would be honored to do that for you too. I look forward to meeting you!

Warmest Aloha,
Annette Mejia

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