When Is the Best Time to Buy Big Island Real Estate?

Buying a house is by far the biggest investment most people will ever make. No matter what your socioeconomic status, it’s understandable you want to be strategic about how you time this important purchase. Especially when you are shopping for Big Island real estate, there are several important things to keep in mind when timing your home purchase. First you need to decide whether your top priority is to shop for Big Island real estate when you will have the greatest selection of home options or whether your top priority is to get a house for the lowest possible price.

Real estate agents who are familiar with houses for sale on the Big Island seem to agree that there are two smart times to buy a new home here. One of these recommended times will probably surprise you.

Top Time to Buy on the Big Island if You Want Maximum Inventory 


Most people who have shopped for real estate know that the beginning of the spring season is a smart time to buy a home. Why? Spring is when landscaping looks its best and many sellers wait until this time to put their home on the market because it will have the best curb appeal. Here on the Big Island that holds true as well (even though the tropical landscaping looks stunning year-round!)

Spring traditionally signals a time of renewal and opportunity. People who have been wanting to make a change often decide spring is the best time buy. Spring is undoubtedly when you’ll enjoy the biggest selection of inventory on the market. Because there will be more homes available, your odds of buying the home of your dream increase. By contrast, when home inventory is scarce, buyers may miss out as a result of multiple buyers bidding on the same properties.

Top Time to Buy on the Big Island if You Want to Get the Best Price


If your top priority when buying a house on the Big Island is your budget, shopping for real estate during early spring isn’t the smartest approach. New and fresh home listings start with top listing prices. Once homes have been on the market for awhile, prices drop. The longer the list, the lower the price. The best time to make an offer on a house for the best price? Christmas Day! Offers are unexpected at this time and sellers are feeling festive and generous. Time your offer right and one seller may just give you the best Christmas gift of your life!

Are You Unfamiliar with the Big Island Real Estate Scene?


Hawaii’s Big Island draws potential home buyers not only from Hawaii, but from all over the United States and beyond. Living on the Big Island is a life-long dream for many. Before you even travel to the Big Island, make sure you partner with a real estate agent who is familiar with the area. That’s the best way to ensure you identify your ideal home, and get it for the best possible price.

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Annette Mejia, Realtor Broker
Annette Mejia, Realtor Broker

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