Buying on the Big Island


Beaches of literally every color, including the famed black sand beaches that sparkle like diamonds in the surf and sun, create a magic unlike anywhere on earth. The highest waterfalls on the windward side cascade hundreds of feet. Hawaii’s highest, Hi’ilawe Falls are a staggering 1600 feet of free falling fresh water. From Volcanos to isolated “cowboy” paniolo enclaves to rugged cliffs falling into the world’s bluest waters, Hawaii offers endless adventures that only a local can truly begin to experience. Making Hawaii home only increases the magic of this most remote and most beautiful place on earth. Homes in Hawaii range from the humble to the opulent and everything in between. There is something for every taste and preference from the hustle of tourism and activities to the absolute quiet and stunning grandeur of an upcountry home overlooking the ocean and coastline thousands of feet below. Homes in Hawaii are so loved that even author Mark Twain wrote frequently of Hawaii expressing how his soul always longed to return to her.

The Hawai’ian culture becomes a part of you

Buying a home for the kama’aina who has visited but never lived in Hawaii can be a challenging undertaking. Finding the right agent who knows the Island and understands the nuances of real estate and property transactions in this island state can make the transition a smooth and enjoyable one.

All the things that drew you here as a tourist again and again are here to re-live plus there is a wealth of new experiences that only time can reveal to the local resident. The beauty of Hawaii permeates you slowly over time and the culture becomes a part of you as you make new friendships that on the Island last a lifetime. People all see one another day after day, year after year and family and friendship both run deeper than in most mainland locations.

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