9 Tips To Sell Your Home Fast

When you choose to sell your house, you want the process to go smoothly, and better yet quickly. Everyone seems to have an idea of what will sell your house, but what tips should you follow and which ones are better left alone? After analyzing the data, our experts have a list of the top nine ideas that can help you get an offer on your house.

1. Take Care Of Any Maintenance and Repair Issues

One way to make sure your home selling process goes smoothly is to clear up any potential problems for the inspection before putting your home on the market. By taking care of leaking faucets, loose roof shingles, or sagging gutters, you pave the way for the home inspection to pass with flying colors. Be sure to check inside and out for issues like cracks in the sidewalk that can pose trip hazards and installing solar driveway lights to line the walk to provide better visibility.

2. Clean Up The Clutter

One of the best and most important pieces of advice that any agent will tell you is to get rid of clutter before you show it to potential buyers. You can easily organize and reduce your belongings by separating things in three piles. Place each item into a keep, toss, or donate pile until you have only the things you are keeping to organize. Take valuable and delicate items and put in storage or a safety deposit box for the short-term. Essential elements should have a place in a cupboard or closet so that cleaning supplies and household tools are not visible when you have an open house.

3. Update Inside and Out

U.S. News reports that updating is an excellent way to make sure your home will sell when the time is right. By choosing appealing modern design items, you can make your house look fresh and clean. Everyone wants to move into a home with a new coat of paint and modern fixtures. A quick change-up can make your home feel more inviting than you could imagine.

4. Make Sure You Give The Kitchen and Bathrooms Special Attention

Updating the kitchen is the best way to boost the value of your home. If you want to get top dollar when you sell your house, then you should consider putting in new appliances. Bathrooms are the second leading room to sell a home, so make sure they are clean, refreshing, and neat.

5. Choose The Right Real Estate Broker

Do your homework before you hire a real estate agent. Make sure your broker has an extensive network of connections, a solid reputation, and a proven record. The key is to choose someone that has a history of excellent customer service, a local presence, and a wide reach on social media. Reaching buyers requires online and offline tactics for the best results. For instance, listing an open house on sites like Craigslist and in the local newspaper is an excellent way to reach more people in your area.

6. Hire a Professional To Stage Your Home

To remain partial, Today says that you should always opt to hire a staging expert to get your home ready for the open house. These professionals have the skills to bring out the beautiful characteristics of your home. They know how to draw the visitors eye around the room and to help them focus on the main points of the house. They can arrange furniture and use accessories to make your home look fresh and ready for the new owners.

7. Make Sure You Get The Right Sale Price

This step is possibly the most tricky in the bunch because everything depends on market conditions. Your agent can guide you to the right price by looking at comparisons, but the goal is to make sure that the price is right for your home at the moment. Real estate prices are always fluctuating however, once the price is set any reductions could make it appear that there are problems selling the property which could cause buyers to make lower offers.

8. Offer Financial Incentives To Buy Your Property

Telling potential buyers that you will pay the closing costs for the property is an excellent way to get people to put in an offer on your property. You can also do something unique like providing a membership to the local gym, paying for lawn service for the first year, or giving the buyer a nice appliance package. Make the offer meaningful to get the most interest in your home.

9. Add Curb Appeal To Draw Potential Buyers Into The Front Door

One way to make your house inviting is to place plants along the foundation to cover up any unsightly areas with fading or discoloration. Putting a variety of plants in your garden beds will provide interest. Adding curvy flower beds and lining walkways with colorful flowers makes guests feel welcome. You can update the front porch with a bold paint color. Make sure to put in a new knocker and house numbers. Adding symmetry with a planter on each side of the door helps draw guests in the door.

To get your home ready to sell fast takes a little planning and some work, but the results are worth it in the end. By taking the time to fix any issues and update your home, you have the best chance of getting the most money out of your property. To increase interest when you are ready to sell, make sure to post your listing on social media sites and take out an ad. Some people use unique methods of getting the word out like renting a billboard to advertise the sale. Being creative can pay off big.

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Annette Mejia, Realtor Broker
Annette Mejia, Realtor Broker

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