What to Look for in a Big Island Real Estate Expert

There is no shortage of Big Island real estate expertsAfter all, the Big Island is an exciting place to practice real estate.

It has breathtaking properties not found anywhere else in the world, an ever-changing real estate landscape, and motivated potential homebuyers looking to completely change their lives and realize their dreams by moving to the Big Island.


But not all Big Island real estate experts are created equal

Check out these five key characteristics to look for as you choose your Big Island real estate agent. Without these traits in your agent, you may be in for a rough ride.


1. Deep knowledge of the Big Island’s sometimes tricky real estate landscape. 

Buying property on the Big Island is unlike anywhere else. Because of the unique challenges of leasehold estates, oceanfront lots, lava fields, and other Big Island real estate quirks, your real estate agent has to be an expert on the Big Island.

Approach your potential real estate agent with specific questions right off the bat to make sure they know and can explain the ins and outs of Big Island Hawaii real estate.

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2. An agent who is a true advocate for her clients. The right real estate agent will take actions and make suggestions that fit her clients’ best interests, regardless of the final outcome of the transaction.

Check to see if your potential agent has any reviews online. These can be a great resource for getting a feel for the agents, as well as insight into the experience working with them and whether they your best interests at heart.

3. An understanding what it’s truly like to live on (and love) the Big Island. The good, the bad, and the…unique.

Big Island real estate agents should also have knowledge about what makes the Big Island a special place to live. They’ll share both the positives (beautiful scenery, so much to do, glorious weather) and the negatives (high energy costs, potential natural disasters).

Hawaiian real estate agents should have the Big Island in their hearts!

Ask your agent, “Why should I live on the Big Island?” And see what they have to say.

4. Honesty. Your real estate agent shouldn’t sugarcoat. She shouldn’t gloss over potential problems with a home, and she shouldn’t pull any punches when it comes to helping you get the home of your dreams.

The right real estate agent will tell the truth, rather than what you want to hear. Whether that means being honest about whether a home is out of budget or whether its granite countertops and stainless steel appliances are nothing but a slick gloss on a problem property.

They should also know what makes for a true luxury property on the Big Island. You’d be surprised how many homes waste people’s time by calling themselves “luxury,” when they’re far from it!

5. Accessibility and flexibility.

The right Big Island real estate agent will also trust his or her clients. She will respect your budget and your decisions. The right agents never bully or insult a client’s decision to walk away from a negotiation—and they never push you into a sale you’re not comfortable with.

The right real estate agent will feel like a new friend. Someone you can call up months down the line and meet for a coffee and a chat.

I, Annette Mejia, promise I work hard to treat my clients like equals, in fact, many of my past clients are now friends!  Are you ready to make the leap into Big Island real estate? Call (808-217-8500) or email me anytime! 

Annette Mejia, Realtor Broker
Annette Mejia, Realtor Broker

"Everything Annette did for me was from the heart"

As someone that has spent her whole life feeling lucky to work with people in customer service, I vowed then and there to help people like you and me have the experience they deserved when moving to The Big Island. Because let’s face it, this should be the start of the happiest, proudest, and most peaceful period in your life!

For 15 years I have been helping people make the most out of life and real estate on The Big Island and I would be honored to do that for you too. I look forward to meeting you!

Warmest Aloha,
Annette Mejia

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