If you choose to live in South Kona, expect moments and days when you will sense the living presence of Hawai'i’s nature cascading like life itself down the slopes of Mauna Loa. You may hear the call of a forest bird of the uplands on a cool night, waking you from sleep to enjoy the silver light of a full moon. Hawai'i is timeless as the volcanoes that form it. The land is young, yet ancient. The homes in South Kona coexist with the harmonious ebb and flow of the great island from the wintery peaks to the ever balmy warmth of the coast.


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There are riches here. Not only the obvious value of real estate but the riches of some of Hawai'i’s most abundant natural forests and preserves. Kona is country. It’s the antithesis of the city and a great place to raise ohana (family). You can do a lot in Kona from surfing to diving to fishing. You can hike in the rain forest.

Mauna Loa draws moisture from the ocean and casts it across the foothills and coasts, creating beauty, green vistas, and rainbows. Thousands of years of culture and history breathe in the trade winds and sounds of nature and people of Hawai'i living life simply as they have for generations. Kona could be one of America’s most pristine environments and those who live here learn to respect and appreciate Hawai’i and aloha like no tourist can comprehend.

The energy of the island seeps into the soul over time just like the beauty of Hawaii is etched in time and the homes of Kona reflect more than just real estate. A home in Kona is a place of peace. Quiet and remote locales on the Big Island provide pockets of real estate that enhance the feeling of privacy and respect. Secrets in real estate are rare but Captain Cook and McCoy Plantation are among them with beautiful mountain and ocean views as common as the rainbows that frequent the island with the ever repeating cycle of weather—sun, trade winds and rains—that keep Kona green and beautiful.