What to Consider Before Buying a Big Island Condo

Buying a house in Hawaii may be a dream, but many people who live on the Big Island choose a condo instead. You will find many of the Big Island homes for sale are actually condos, but they offer an excellent, sometimes more affordable option to moving to this area, providing a beautiful home with less maintenance. However, before you start working with an agent to find the perfect condo, consider these factors.

Location, Location, Location


Just like other Big Island real estate, location is one of the most important factors in buying your new home. For instance, if you want to be within easy walking or driving distance of all the amenities, buying a condo in one of the cities may be your best option, keeping you close to shopping, restaurants and more. Others prefer living in a beachfront community that boasts stunning views and easy access to swimming and other beach activities.

The Condo Association


The condo association will play a major role in your satisfaction with your condo. First and foremost, make sure you understand how much the condo association fees are, what they cover and what they are used for. It’s also important to look at how healthy the association is, including how much they have in their reserve funds. This can indicate the value of the property and how happy the residents are.

You can live on the Big Island in beautiful condos.

Amenities Are Key


Every condo has its own set of amenities, which can be important in your final decision. Think about what’s important to you and look for a condo community that offers everything on your list. Some communities are gated or have pools, fitness rooms, party halls and more. Before you purchase a condo, take a tour of the entire facility so you know what to expect and how well-cared for the amenities are.

Check the Rules


Many condo associations put rules in place to protect their residents. However, these rules can affect the way you live. For instance, some associations have quiet hours to ensure a more relaxing environment, while others may dictate whether you can have pets and which kind. Read through the association rules carefully before you make a final decision. If you choose a condo with more rules than you’re comfortable with, you won’t enjoy your new home.

For many, Big Island homes for sale means buying a great condo with a fantastic view. However, before you make your final purchasing decision, there are many factors you need to consider so you don’t regret your choice. Working with an experienced Big Island real estate agent will ensure you understand everything before you sign on the dotted line.

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Annette Mejia, Realtor Broker
Annette Mejia, Realtor Broker

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